Cultural Competency-  We offer diversity and bias awareness workshop experiences that build competencies at the awareness, knowledge and application levels across many disciplines.   This amazing and powerful method of skill building is based upon the integration of several models, theories and methodologies unique to our consultancy.  Participants rave about how authentically we are able to engage participants in tough conversations in a non-threatening, but truly challenging way.    Even the resisters walk away pleasantly surprised, relieved and getting the importance of cultural competency as a practice imperative.  A self-proclaimed “prisoner” said, “I wasn’t looking forward to this, but this was really good.  Sometimes when you’re forced to take medicine, you really don’t want it even if its good for you.  Well, I’m glad that I was here…it wasn’t what I expected.” 

Diversity & Inclusion training

Cultural Competency & Bias Awareness Training

Transracial adoption training and keynotes


This training experience provides participants an opportunity to explore the impact that bias has

on creating an inclusive workforce and environment that allows all people to do their best work.

The main components of this training include an awareness exercise called Attitudes Towards
Difference which is based upon video, small group and large group discussion and debrief, and
secondly, through the use of the Cultural EYE Model TM which explores culture on multiple

The Attitudes Towards Difference exercise is an award winning picture exercise which provides
participants with a very interactive opportunity for discussion around bias (those known and
those we are not necessarily aware of) and how this bias can unintentionally impact the inclusion
and exclusion of clients, both internal and external.

The Cultural EYE Model TM challenges participants to explore their own culture and how that
relates to their ability to demonstrate interpersonal cultural responsiveness, and then how the
institutional culture fosters an environment that supports a healthy community relationship. This
section challenges participants to be active in exploring and creating ideas for action to facilitate
cultural inclusivity at multiple levels.

Increased awareness of bias and its impact on inclusion and productivity
Increased awareness of culture and its importance in creating competent employees
Increased awareness of participants role in creating an inclusive, engaged workplace
Creating a stronger, more effective workforce prepared to engage a diverse workplace

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