With an increased people to people service economy, globalization and the demographic shifts of both the workforce and client/consumer bases, every leader must have diversity leadership competencies. In fact, if you show me a leader without diversity leadership competencies, I’ll show you a leader destined to fail. What exactly are “Diversity Leadership Competencies” (DLC) you ask? Well, we’re fixin’ to ask you the same thing! We will do a series of discussions on these competencies and invite your ideas, examples, and experience on each competency, as well as invite you to contribute your own competency suggestions.

The first DLC (Diversity Leadership Competency) that we will share is at the Executive Level:
The ability to position diversity as one of a company’s strategic imperatives.

Do you agree? Apparently the following companies do: Kaiser Permanente, Sodexo, the US Navy, Pepsico, AT&T, Deloitte, and Johnson and Johnson, as they have shown through their diversity initiatives. 

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