Leaders & Workers:

We provide executive and front line coaching assistance related to diversity and inclusion action planning, community engagement,  diverse talent development, and general performance coaching.

Group Coaching :

We facilitate a professional development group for up and coming leaders, or for a specific unit or group. We use scenario resolution, case studies, group simulations,  role play (group role plays aren’t scary) and humor to move groups through a change experience.


Transracial foster and adoptive parents and multiracial families

You may have heard that “love is not enough, it is necessary, but not sufficient.” We recognize this as a truism. Parenting children of color, and specifically, transracial adoptive/foster parenting children of color, can be different than parenting white/Caucasian children.

Research and practice has shown that there is an additional set of parenting assets that are important for successfully instilling self-esteem and survival skills to navigate our race-conscious society.  Our unique transracial developmental approach helps parents and youth to succeed. We use tele-coaching (over the phone), to support families anywhere a phone can go, especially helpful to rural families and families living across state and international lines. Some local one on one and group coaching for families are available.



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